Tuesday, March 1, 2011

poems short funny love of choosing a wife

Here are short funny poems on the theme of "the choice of a wife".
Someone know frequent for funny rude poems and why they do not laugh? These writhing funny poems, a bit anti-romántica, but nevertheless, this page offers some tips really solid.
Mrs chooses as a life partner must have a sense of humor, be good with children, tolerate their relatives and you turn on. If you find someone to fill the Bill, snatch her up - you are a lucky man.
Pretty is as pretty does.
Assuming that the issue was
If this sweet girl was intended to be
The one chosen eternally.
Great aspect will last a little while
What remains - that beautiful smile-
It shows your mood should be
One saving grace forever.
how of that girl with small children?
Could survive these identifiers Pagans?
And shape them citizens
Proceed to mise-in-scenes
Are now the same values
This factor will be a strain
About his young relationship?
His life is not a battleship.
The candidate wishes to be
His wife must make
Acceptable for the family
His mom, her dad and strange Aunt Bee.
A problem not dwell to
But is this woman turn you?
They cannot hide chemistry
Not debatable with biology.
If this girl passes every test
Then his ring to buy and make its nest
And plight your depression forever.
Here is wishing fertility!
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