Tuesday, March 1, 2011

new Love Quotes, messages of romantic love can be used

These are new quotes of love, in fact, never before published romantic love messages. They are love poems for Valentine's day or other special occasions.
A gentle breeze that previous brushes
Cheek gives a kiss
Were this gentle zephyr
Please not that it is more than that.
You me just a fraction
With the love I have for you
Press the key to my poor heart
And I hope that you love me, too.
Come away with me, my love,
We will continue to navigate the stars and they talk about love
We will catch the tail of a comet in flight
To travel at the speed of light
Te pull the Moon down to your smile
Losing our cares a little while
And when passed the night, a kiss,
To seal celestial bliss. tonight
passing of indigo
The sky was clear
and I surface
from languid suspension
My eyelid lift
to see your face tomorrow
Listen to the gentle breath
Smell the aroma
I take you
but do not touch
And wait the taste
While sear this time
forever in memory.

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