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literary quotes about love

Ben Johnson, William Shakespeare, Edgar Allan PoeHere are poetic literary quotations from the likes of Shakespeare, Johnson, Poe and Donne. This is love poems famous - in fact, classic - so that you have in mind for your ceremony or your candlelit dinner.
Drink me only with your eyes
And I promise you mine;
Or leave a kiss, but in the Cup
And you don't expect for wine.
The thirst that from the soul
Ask a divinity of the drink;
But could I of Jove nectar sup,
It would not change for yours.
-Ben Jonson
We loved with a love that was more than love.
-Edgar Allan Poe
. . . Love is not love
That alters when it is altered,
Or curves with removal tool to remove:
0, no! is never fixed,
Is on tempests and is never shaken;
It is the star of every wandering bark
Unknown value, although his height be taken.
-William Shakespeare
Grow the mysteries of love on souls, but the body is his book.
-John Donne
These worlds, that the Conqueror sighs,
For me it would not have charms:
My unique world your gentle eyes -
My Throne your circle of weapons!
Oh, Yes, so good, so tenderly
Thou'rt loved, adored by me,
All the kingdoms of light and freedom
They were useless without you.
-Thomas Moore
He loved as love in twain
It was the essence but one;
Two different, none Division...
-William Shakespeare
0, human love! You spirit given on Earth, all hope in the sky!
-Edgar Allan Poe
Love, all alike, station not known, or ideas, not hours, days, months, which are the rags of time.
-John Donne
My reward is as infinite as the sea. My love as deep; more thank you, again I have, because both are infinite.
-William Shakespeare
Do I wonder by my, what you and me up we lov would be?
-John Donne

Enjoy this very special moment of his life with such literary quotations, true love is a rare and beautiful thing. You is fortunate to have found that special someone and now the work begins to grow that relationship.
These famous love quotes will stir the embers.
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Shakespeare always provides some of the best love poems.

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