Wednesday, March 2, 2011

funny anniversary poems and years longer than that

One is for the 30th anniversary, and the rest are good for any wedding anniversaries (within the first decade, more or less). Use only if your spouse has a sense of humor.
When we were married, if memory serves
I was a Venus with dangerous curves.
They were dark and wavy, hair Adonis
Now you're in an Apple and I'm a PEAR.
Back in the day were built like a tank
So solidly wrought as a bank safe.
Do forgive me to score, but I be frank?
What formerly bobbled, deflated and sank.
Ed - note make sure your insurance is paid to send prior to your special someone's poem
This anniversary is terminated with a "should"
We have married so long that I almost forgot
But the daughter - she called me - and for sure it saved my butt
To not be sharing the House for mutt.
Got you this dressed as a gift today
I hope you like it much. Anyway,
When shopping for you, suppose I have a knack
So tell me love rather than go back.
Ed - note gentlemen, it is incredible how hope are each year you are "do it right" this time. Diamond, it size however, unique.
Thanks for years of committed happiness
My eyes tear think about this
They are the best ten years I have had
And ten years of thirty years is not bad.
how you would like to go flying to Spain?
But with passports and airports and bags, it is a pain.
On our anniversary, anything goes
So why not we sit here and sip in merlots?

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