Monday, February 21, 2011

when you love a woman, so

Green Eyed Beauty
When you love a woman, so wishes for her the most high and better that life offers. You can seduce her with the poetry of love, but never, ever crowd he. You is encouraging, but you're still wise, and if she becomes his own little Dove, is because gave herself joyfully you. Here are poems of love that put you in the mood.

Nestle here next to me, Paloma little
And director of operations with blows sweetly in my ear
It will not be cutting her wings, because I love
And only bidding is expected to "stay close."
Not be pine away if you demur
Or to offend its nest, some lothario, fox
Love is the best, that trying to be pure,
Know if really you like, let it go.
You are a divine Sarabande
Play for me in the night
Click intimately
All notes precisely right.
and when you my stroke nerve
There are a tingling down my spine
A vibrant harmonic
Insisting on align our waves
I am your heart against my chest
In the constant eardrums
My heartbeat omits staccato
In our Symphony night.
Is this beast touch, throbbing
A new creation, then?
When adopting is native gasp
And they will never end?
If you put your hand in mine of

You walk the strands of hope and time
And see what wonderful things
In our Symphony harmonica.
Tell me of your highest dreams
No matter what brings the future
We will find room to yours and mine
The limits of hope and time.
So small, this land, this Galaxy
We are so sadly insignificant
Please do not enter here
But with his love, I will persevere.
When you love a woman, tell him so. There is a time for love in life poems. More quotes of love are here for your inspiration:

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