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Wedding words that could be used for wedding - toast to is not good for man to be alone. Here are quotes from love for a wedding or a special evening to start an affair of the heart.
Let us rejoice in these moments of drama in our mundane existence with love quotes spoken privately or publicly offered as two individuals embark on the adventure of a lifetime.
They are the most important things that make the world get something to eat, something to drink and somebody to love you.: Brendan Behan
Love is the expansion of two natures so that each of them includes the other, each one is enriched by the other. -Felix Adler
Today I start to understand what love must be, if it exists.... When we are separated, each of us feels the lack of the other half from ourselves. We are incomplete as a book in two volumes, of which the firs has been lost. That is what I imagine that you love be: incomplete in the absence. -Goncourt
Everything you need for happiness is a good weapon, a good horse and a good wife.: Daniel Boone
If I had a flower for every time I thought of you, I could walk forever in my beautiful garden. -Claudia Grandi
Set me as a seal on your heart, like a sea your arm: so love is strong as death-the Bible
I can speak languages of beings (h) and even of angels, but if I have not, my contribution is a noisy gong DIN bell.? I have the gift of preaching inspired; I may have the knowledge and understanding of all secrets; I can I have the necessary faith to move mountains, but if I do not have love, I am nothing.? I can't give everything I have and even give up my body to be burned, but if I don't love this not me any good. -I Corinthians 13: 1-13
A happy marriage is a structure that must return to generate each day. -Andre Maurois
What is love, if thou wouldst teach, your heart should teach only - two souls with but a single thought, two hearts that beat as one. -Friedrich Halm
Sweet be eyes that we exchanged our faces that show some agreement. I enshrine in heart and let a single spirit to dwell inside of us. -Atharva Veda
We are confident in you find sayings of marriage that could be used? If not on this page, continue browsing for more quotes of love. We continuously add new pages in love quotes you of love in our search the perfect words constant strengthening relations with the word orally or in writing.
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