Wednesday, February 23, 2011

romantic love messages

Romantic flowersThis chapter of love love quotes deals with romantic love of the notes of love 365 messages:
A number, delivery in August.
Children are not here - FREEBIE!I love you, do the following observation "time out". Why does not meet me for lunch?Tomorrow, we are going for breakfast outside.A kiss of candy on your pillow - for sweet dreams.I love clothing as me what mejor.¿Te has done some cookies, your favorite!You're the cream in my coffee.I love you, let me some sunscreen on your back.Bed - love you Eggs Benedict!I love to buy the gadget of your choice.COUPON: One hour of household chores, your choice.Now that we are one, the clouds not hide the Sun.Here is a good cold beer, your newspaper and your slippers.You assume responsibility for this. Why does not meet me for lunch?Candy. Flowers. Candles. Wine. What I'm up to?I am so fortunate that came into my life.I love you; have you done you this yummy vegetables steamed plate.?Due to you, I feel like the little girl luck worldwide.
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