Saturday, February 19, 2011

reading of cards of love for November

Pond LilyLove love love reading letters cited. Offering 365 love notes:
A series of November edition.
because I love you, has had its done colonoscopy? Good for one visit to their families. Far file when necessary: one Dent, no questions asked. They take away love and our land is a tomb-- Robert Browning took children to parents – flowers and candles - your favorite dish - put out the fire - is wine. I love you, cleaned the chimney this time. He made a parody to make you laugh. Picked up their magazine favorite while I do not like. I put a fire in the fireplace to establish mood - love you, darling. They promise to be nice to his friend, irritating. Good for one "makeup" - no questions asked. No one does half as good as you. They promise to keep within the budget of this month. Next time, choose to guests. Love not prosper without hope. Fixed his problem of team that has been aggravating him. Grow old with me and be my love. I love how your eyes close when you kiss me.
Let love reading letters in November, see other moths.
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