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marriage counseling

Today, the theme is "advice of marriage", which, of course, I am more qualified to do, having weathered over four decades in this honorable institution (was a mere child).
Marriage Advice
Marriage in the past [If you never time for the "good times" read marriage by Honoré de Balzac tips as he explains how to overcome the failings (!) natural female.] Reading in and rest assured, the old gent was not by any means the most misogynist writer have found. More information on the more Love You Love Quotes later.
We do not, however, you apologize for the mind of the 19th century, is how writer Balzac saw marriage. Some of his statements would be comfortable in a column of tips, today others... it is not so much. [-Ed]
Marriage is a science.
[As yet, so good.--Ed]
A man should not marry without having studied Anatomy and dissected at least one woman.
[The obverse is also no doubt true. - Ed]
The fate of the House depends on the first night.
[Leave advice marriage for the famous quote for some gems - Ed].
A woman deprived of his free will can never have credit make a sacrifice.
In love, apart from any consideration of the soul, the heart of a woman is like a lyre which does not reveal its secrets, except him who is a skilled player.
Regardless of any gesture of repulsion, exists in the soul of every woman a feeling that, late or early, tends to outlaw all pleasure lacks passionate feeling.
The interest of a husband as his honour prohibited pleasure that has not had the ability to make his wife want.
Pleasure to be caused by the Union of feeling and sentiment, we can say without fear of contradiction that delights are a kind of tangible ideas...
...As ideas are capable of infinite combination, should be the same with delights.
In the life of man no any two exactly equal pleasure moments more than there are two identical form in the same tree leaves...
...If there are differences between a moment of pleasure, a man can always be happy with the same woman.
To make the varieties of pleasure to develop in them, to teach them a new style, an original expression, is the genius of a husband.
Between two beings who do not love each other this genius is debauchery; but the caresses that presides over love always pure.
Along with the advice of marriage, sometimes find my editorial comments - I can myself - scoring love than love quote pages.
Married women is the most caste may also be the more voluptuous.
[Well, that's just rude.] Note that good old Balzac was slightly corpulent itself and can be seen here dispensers of advice marriage stones while living in a glass house. Recourse to the classified Woo "L ' étrangère" Odessa and it took him 15 years to achieve this. [Do perhaps his outpourings of the pleasures of marriage and wives failures stem from his difficult personal love life?: Ed]
The most virtuous woman can be forward without knowing it.
When two human beings are United for pleasure, all away social is set aside. This situation hides a reef which wrecked many vessels. A husband is lost, if you forget once there is a modesty that is quite independent of the decks. Conjugal love never should either implement or to remove bandage the eyes, except at the end of the season.
Power is not hit hard or often, but in true strike.
To call a desire to be, to nurture their development to make it complete, growth, to excite, to meet is a complete poem itself.
The progression of the delights is distich in quatrain, quatrain to the sonnet from the sonnet to the Ballad of the ballad to ODE, Ode to the cantata, the cantata to the party. The husband that begins with the feast is a fool.
Every night you should have your menu.
Marriage must constantly grapple with a monster that devours everything, i.e. the familiarity.
If a man can not distinguish the difference between the delights of two consecutive nights, he has been married too soon.
It is easier to be a lover than a husband, for the same reason that is more difficult to be witty every day to say brilliant things from time to time.
A husband should never be the first to go to sleep and the last to awaken.
The man who enters his wife dressing is a philosopher or a jerk.
The husband who leaves nothing to be desired is a lost man.
Married women is a slave one must know how to set upon a throne.
A man should not flatter himself that knows his wife and him being happy that is often on his knees.
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