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marriage CITES series - a blast from the past

What was in the past? Quotes from Atlantic Monthly about 1860, marriage presented for its edification. Breaking down a trip with us memory lane.
Historic agreements between husbands and wives is revealed in this popular with sophisticated old magazine. As they say, we have come a long way, baby. Hope you will find some tips here can be used to improve your relationship (LOL).
Without doubt, events progress is slow, as the laws of gravitation work generally. There have certainly been but little change in the legal position of women, China was at its peak, up in the last twelve years.
Lawyers admitted to the fundamental theory of the right English and East is the same here: man and woman are one, and one is the husband.
Is the oldest of legal traditions. When Blackstone declares to be very and the existence of the woman is suspended during the marriage and the American Kent echoes of his legal status and authority are a lost way-when Petersdorff says husband has the right of these bodily restrictions deemed necessary and Bacon with the husband has, by law, the power and dominion over his wife and you can keep for the force within the limits of the duty and can beat her, but not in a violent or cruel manner.
Mr. Justice Coleridge when rules the husband, in certain cases, has a right to limit his wife in their own housing and restrain him freedom for an indefinite time, and Baron Alderson sums it up all laconically, "the wife is the servant of her husband" - these senior officials simply reaffirm the dogma of code Gentoo, four thousand years of age and over: "a man, day and night, should keep his wife both subject in no way be mistress of her own actions." If the woman has her own free will, despite of it in a higher caste she behaves amiss ".
* Editor's Note: both for the good times!
Hear more convenient marriages in foreign lands, which can best be described as trade associations. There is money on each side; There is enough among the parties to carry out in the company, each with the corresponding amount allocated to each. No love is faked, but there are great courtesy. Everyone is so legally and well-organized, that seems to be anything for future fights to hold the. Monsieur and Madame have each their apartments, their cars, employees, revenue, friends, their searches, - understand the solemn vows of marriage to mean simply are dealing with urbanity in these few situations where the road of life must necessarily put them together.
* How very reasonable!
A woman should make it obvious to her husband, or drift out beyond the horizon. Will it be almost what she wants and works to be. If she adapts itself to your children and do not adapt herself to her husband, will fall into the agreement, and the two break. I do not intend to be fight, but are separate lives. Now they will not be husband and wife. There will be a National Alliance, but the marriage does not.
predominant interest in the same objects join them after of a fashion, but the marriage is something beyond that. If a woman wishes and with a view to be the friend of her husband,-whether it would be valuable for him, not simply as nurse their children and the Director of your home, but as a woman sweet and fair and fascinating, you inherently charming and attractive, she must make an effort to do so. It is not at all one which comes of itself or can leave itself same. She should read and see and think and rest until she.
Men, as a thing in general, do not tell it. It speaks of having lists shoes and forbid women to be internal. But men are blockheads, - dear and affectionate and generous blockheads, - benevolent, what and chivalrous - kind and patient and worker - but stupid women concerned. Indispensable and lovely as they are in the real life, pleasant and comfortable as women really found, not in ten thousand but makes a dunce himself time qu' opens his mouth to theorize about women.
, Moreover, have an axe to grind. Nice things that impress - slippers, coffee and attention and courtesy - should actually do, but others should not be undone. And the former rare woman time need to be called a. naturally have for them. A great many more women hole coarse husbands with care little fans to more grateful for neglect wound. Women themselves tame to death already.
Want is growing. They should be encouraged to develop a large, comprehensive, Catholic, life that their household chores has a good niche and not be reduced to a close and servile, over which these rights were extended and occupy all the space.
* In this third stage of marriage event series have advice from the 19th century in The Atlantic Monthly. We have gone from wives as rent, marriage as a trade agreement and finally, marriage as an institution that must manage and adapt by overcoming wives. How progressive!
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