Monday, February 21, 2011

love text messages

Loving you is beautifulLove text messages for you
This chapter of love love quote continues with love text - messages are really short - notes of love 365 - one for each day of the year!:
A series, welcome to September.
Won the lottery of love when you found. Love you - change batteries in smoke alarm. Roses are red, violets are blue color, these other gals lose; you do not have. Not is I love you until the twelfth of never. Tomorrow, we are going for breakfast outside. I was in sleep, and then you kissed me. You're my Knight in shining armor. Petals on the bed - reds - velas, too, love you. I you peel grapes for you tonight. Found its audience - so you can hear say me, "I love you". Sometimes shows excellent view, look I got married with! God must love me, I gave you. Love is the a ray of sunshine of poetry that gilds with a hard outline reblandecido splendor nude in many prose life. Love you-Yes, we can obtain that dog. What you want to do tonight? I won the lottery when I won. They promise to be nice to your mother. You are a testimony to my taste. COUPON: No, don't have to go and I am OK with that. Please present coupon. Send their children to the mother, tonight I want everything to myself.
The series includes messages of love of text; There are more months here.

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