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love and sad poems

Geisha Geisha here is a love story not unrequited and sad poems
for those occasions when you are feeling
Blue dwelt in Ashinoya village
The maid of Unahi,
In which beauty e' in to neighbors
You cannot issue any wandering; eye Under Mount Fugi fog flowers a delicate flower, Aniyosha girl
they block your above as a child of 8 years
Even when her hair hung loosely;
And now collected his braids
No more floating in will
and all men longed for his sweet face
Could once more than reveal booth would be
He hid look, at the silken maze
The Cocoon is hidden.
Love and Sad Poems
and formed a hedge around in the House
And, "I will wed her!" all claimed;
And champion of Kamo, was there,
Champion Unahi.
With jealous love of these champions of twain
The beauteous woo, girl
Everyone had his hand in the hilt of his sword
And a quiver of fully loaded too,
was thrown or ' er in the back of each fierce champion
And a wooden snow white bow
Relax in the sinewy hands of each;
And the twain was defiant.
Crying, "a ' twere for his beloved good"
"Fire or floods that I fear!"
The maid heard a bold Word,
But his mother is talking about ear:-
"Alas!" me, poor country girl,
It should cause this jealous contest!
As I can not marry the man I love
What benefit me my life?
"Kingdom of Hades is hope"
"The question of the fray".
These secret, thoughts with many a sigh
It would whisper it and pass away.
For Kamo champion in a dream
His face was shown that night;
So he followed the maid in the shadow of Hades,
And his rival was alone;
Left single - too late! too late!
He sides vacant on-air
He shouts, and he yells and gnashes his teeth
And dances in desperation wild.
"But not!" "Te does not give!"fiercely, cries
"I'm so good a man like him!"
And before his poniard, he continues
To search for his enemy.
Knights, on both sides
In solemn conclave met,
As a symbol (token) for ever and ever more-
Some monument to set,
that history could move from Word of mouth
It governs and earth shall prevail;
So they laid the maiden in the Middle
And the winners of each hand.
and me, when I hear the sad tale
They melt into bitter tears
As if these lovers than ever VI
He had been their own mines compeers.
This love and sad poems page is an ancient Japanese collection and speaks of a misguided love.

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