Sunday, February 20, 2011

I Te would love

365 Love notes
For her it:
A series, September. Do i love you, you see the dentist lately?Swept and accompanied by the cuisine of the floor - love you.COUPON: Good for a "making way."Good for a "girls holiday". I you strong man.Good for his favorite meal very - even you put candles on the table.Promise to attend a dance class.They have the girls more, I'll get lost.COUPON: An apology accepted without comment.Tomorrow, we are going for breakfast outside.You bought this Nightgown - I like the color and look beautiful in it.For you, you feel on a chick, flickLove is the only law that those who love are obliged to obey.You don't have to do something different, love you unconditionally.I love you, I will do it in the conduct of this evening.Promise to try to listen to my heart and not from my head. do here will save the day--whaddaya need done?Good for one executes the dry cleaning for you.COUPON: Choose a garment in my closet to throw.I love you, do the following observation "time out".

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