Friday, February 25, 2011

Goodnight sweetheart

When he whispers, "Goodnight love", he will say "I love you"? Whisper love poems in her ear or simply you show with security to your door and out? In this dance of love, what happens then?
Sweetheart DanceCourtesy of photographer,
Taliesin who had a heart
It would offer this dance
And it goes without the indignity
Make a breakthrough.
, By which don't be timid and shy away
But let me take your hand
And winch out Xanadu
Our footprints in the sand.
No, leave with not frivolous and "I love you" is not a superficial statement to attach and peeling off is the necessary business of youth. The innocence of childhood relationships hot serious high school and inevitably lead to exclusivity. If I did not, the world would grind to a halt ignominious and which would be the last "Goodnight Sweetheart".
I am waiting for a girl like you
Someone sweet and real fun
And bring it to the high school dance
Do I wonder if you who have a chance?
When I'm with you
The clock stops
My breath celebrates
My world is shaken
looks wonderful tonight
His neck against my cheek studded
They were never as bright eyes
This moment of rare, not move or speak.
Tonight is the night we say goodbye
All of odd children's concerns
And leave out of this port
To start our boat in seas more deep.
Here are more love poems for your girlfriend. Go to the dance but sure coach did not turn into a pumpkin, Cinderella. Oh, and this is a funny limerick for the bride dancing.
Select the right clothing was hell
Then the flowers to flap my type of
And my date in a suit?
Well, it was a hoot!
Who would have thought that we would clean up as well?
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