Saturday, February 19, 2011

Funny poem of love - I would like to be that sleepy cat

Need a funny love poem? Today is the "crush and love quotes" when you need those nice love. Love poems help you say what you need to express without the inconvenience of tripping over their own words.
Its spiral cat beside you
And its silky fur of stroke
I would like to be that sleepy cat
He argued that a purr.
Sat at his keyboard
Obstruction of their daily concerns
And you are still in the House
To tend to their affairs.
Meet him at the gate at night
And we welcome you with mice
In common, daily acts of our
Domestic paradise.
Love is everything, and then the hatred of the void.
A place of non-existence.
I would like to propose, to love, to be
This is my persistence.
And therefore woo insistently
To win the heart and hand
Without you, cease to be
But with you, expand.
Beauty is as beauty
And although this true proverb
The best of the beauty world
It is what I found in you.
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