Sunday, February 27, 2011

flavoring their marriage and Romance

Husband with FlowerMarriage 365 love notes
For her it:
A series, March.
Doubles my happiness; half of my tears.WILD CARD! You promise not to get angry.No, your ceiling does not seem big pants.Roses are red, violets are blue color, these other types of waste; you do not have.You are the reason to smile.Tonight, I read you a book of love poems.WILD CARD! Postpone it until next week.I put a fire in the fireplace to establish mood - love you, darling.Send their children to the mother, tonight I want everything to myself.They promise to be nice to his friend, irritating.Today, you can change burned-out bulbs.You can manipulate next unpleasant repair.Now that we are one, the clouds not hide the Sun.Today, you can correct something you wanted to fix.They promise to be nice to your mother.WILD CARD! Do do ready Got my toolbox, what you want to ready?Far file when you need: A hug.A kiss of candy on your pillow - for sweet dreams.You are the light of the Sun of my life.Bed - love you Eggs Benedict!Good for one "out of the doghouse" freedom! Use when necessary. WILD CARD! Whatever it is, you don't have to do it.Do this week, choose the music in the coche.¿Te master, you now take their vitamins?You can take responsibility for it.Love is the a ray of sunshine of poetry that gilds with a hard outline reblandecido splendor nude in many prose life.
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Marriage quotations or relations - this time for the ladies.

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