Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Best friend, bad relationship

by Aria
What is my best friend (15 years) in this relationship with this guy (18) and (mostly orally) is a control freak, abusive and whimp (I think that the weak part is an Act). They have had sex but because we live in UT, unless they are five years (in pligs) you cannot be rape.
What can you do if I can not make it? She knows and realizes for she is not a good guy, but she keeps him. Also has him convinced of is going to go on a mission but this (I think) is unlikely because 1. It is not a Virgin and 2. refuses to go to the Bishop.
Do not want that my friend at the dead end but if I do anything, then, could lose you as a friend too. In addition, there is no nothing really I can do but tell you what I think, but everyone has been saying that so don't think you want to listen to me.
I am so lost on what to do. There something I can just wait and be there for her?

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