Thursday, February 24, 2011

365 love notes

This chapter of love quotes love begins 365 love notes:
A series of January on this page.

Each month will have its own page, a page can print and deliver his father, a lover of reflection at a time. One day at a time. All different.
How to write love letters
365 Love notes
Love notes
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Love text messages
How to write love letters
Filled with love, lover of quotations and small acts of devotion, coupons are guaranteed to keep your relationship fresh and exciting.

They may your resolutions made reality this week will take out the trash, I'm going to sew any buttons are missing. Love you, please see his salt. I love you, let's go to the gym. Scraped the ice and snow from your car for you. Promise to cooperate with taxes, while they hate. WILD CARD! Whatever you want (part of what is reasonable). Good for one "out of the doghouse" freedom! Use when necessary. Clean up your Office and not move any of your papers - promise! Do i love you, have you seen the optometrist lately? I love you, I will do it in the conduct of this evening. Good for his favorite meal very - even you put candles on the table. Flowers for you, no reason at all. COUPON: One hour of household chores, your choice. You write the following note of thanks. And yes I said yes, is Yes - James Joyce Next time, snow, I shovel you the walk. Here is some money mad - what you want. Love means never having to say that we feel

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